About Emma Born in 1980, Emma lives and works in Devon.

After graduating from university, the early and formative years of Emma’s career were spent in television production. From here, her love and intrigue for creating visual narratives progressed.

For the past decade, whilst raising her family, Emma has built a successful career as a highly regarded wedding and commercial photographer. Her images are widely published and some of her works are already held in private collections.

Her insatiable curiosity for capturing the big, beautiful world around her, coupled with the good fortune of having had commissions that have reached across the globe, have meant that quietly, behind the scenes, a library of her finest works have been accumulating. Recent life events have spurred on Emma’s pipe dream of sharing her works with a world beyond those who commission her and so Salt + Land was born.

Nature is a recurring theme for Emma as an artist. From huge dramatic skies, to big surf and scenes of rugged coastline that you can lose yourself in. Sometimes it is the simple pleasure evoked by a floral still life. Whatever the subject matter, Emma is constantly seeking a sense of peace, beauty and contemplation in her use of composition and colour.

The part that these works play in shaping your homes, work places and art collections, well that is simply what the images mean to you.

Art is after all.... an escape and as Tomas Merton quite rightly once said “Art enables us to find ourselves and lose ourselves all at the same time”

Now go. Get lost.

My Favourite Things

“You don’t take a photograph. You ask quietly to borrow it.”
— Unknown
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